Friday, August 2, 2013

Authentic Cebu Dishes

                                       SUTUKIL or S.T.K

                                                                                  A. "SUGBA"

Culinary says that "complexity” of ingredient creates a unique flavor for a dish but for Cebuano cuisine, simplicity of dish makes a big difference. As we know that, cuisine in every particular place was influenced from our traditions and cultures. Also influences from neighboring places or countries contribute a   lot.                                                                                                    

Su-tu-kil is one of the famous compound cuisines of Cebuanos. SU- stands for sugba, ihaw in talalog and grill in English. Tu- from "tuwa" a slang word comes from tinola, clear soup in english. KIL- is from kinilaw, kilawin in tagalog and sashimi in Japanese.

"Sugba" or "grill" is famous anywhere in the world, like in any places; in Cebu it has its own way of preparing and cooking the sinugba or grilling. Traditional way of preparing a "sinugba" is just simply toss with salt and marinate for 15-30 minutes then start grilling very close to charcoal. After the meat cooked, then time to cut into regular slices (fish no need to cut) ;mix  with soy sauce and vinegar, some Cebuanos put fresh native chili (kulikot nga sili) to give a bit of spice that give additional dimension of flavor to it.

"Tuwa" or "Tinola" is a very simple dish, which you can find from small restaurant or even in big hotel in Cebu. It is a very traditional cuisine, since Cebuano's are naturally simple, this culture influenced the simplicity of this dish. Cooking “Tuwang “isda or karne ( fish or meat clear soup ) you just need a piece of tomato, regular size of onion, one piece of green onion, lemon grass, water and bring to boil. Then put the slices of fish or meat, cook it for about 10 to 20 mins ( it depends how tender is your meat, extend cooking time if needed to tenderized the meat)  touch of salt and pepper and garnish with long chili, serve while its hot. See how simple this dish is.

"Kinilaw" in Cebu, Sahimi in Japan. “Kinilaw” dish is a very traditional dish, because we inherit this from our great  grandparents. If the sashimi from Japanese cuisine needs a careful and complex preparation, “Kinilaw” from Cebu is very simple. Cebuano use only fresh catch  fish  fillet(fresh catch from the sea) ,cut into cubes, rinse with running water, pinch of salt and drop of calamansi juice, then squeeze little bit, and set aside.  Cut r regular size of onion thinly sliced, minced of ginger, fresh tomato, half teaspoon of salt, and then vinegar. Mix everything in a bowl and garnish with onion chive and chili
Optional: If you love fresh coconut milk then 1/4 cup of vinegar mix into grated coconut then squeeze to get the milk and mix it... wow so it’s so yummy that is authentic Cebuano” Kinilaw”.




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